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[x] Effectiveness of FAs Attempting to Extinguish Fires

16 Dec 2010 · 0.48 MB · The purpose of this technical note is to document the results of testing to determine the effectiveness of flight attendants in extinguishing fires in small Class B cargo compartments using hand-held fire extinguishers and protective breathing equipment.
Author(s): David Blake

Topic: Fire | Source: FAA | Contributor: CF Admin

[x] AC120-103 FRMS

14 Nov 2010 · 0.31 MB · A management system operatorís use for mitigating the effects of fatigue in its oerations. A FRMS is a non-prescriptive fatigue mitigation tool that minimizes the acute and chronic sources of fatigue.

Topic: Human Factors | Source: FAA | Contributor: CF Admin

[x] Lithium batteries fire tests

19 Sep 2010 · 0.4 MB · This study aims to test lithium fire bateries, to discuss the need of regulations and hallon effects.
Published: 02 Feb 2006
Author(s): William Webster

Topic: Dangerous Goods | Source: FAA | Contributor: Contributor MA


[x] Smoking Backpack Found in Ariz. Airport

26 Jan 2010 · 0.02 MB · A backpack caught fire Tuesday in the cargo area at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, leading to an evacuation, but authorities said the flames were likely caused by heat from a conveyor belt...

Topic: Dangerous Goods | Source: FSInfo | Contributor: CF Admin

[x] Aircraft oxygen generators

26 Jan 2010 · 0.02 MB · Oxygen generators similar to those blamed for the deadly 1996 ValuJet crash likely caused the rapid spread of a chemical fire.

Topic: Dangerous Goods | Source: FSInfo | Contributor: CF Admin

[x] Batteries can pose fire risk to planes

26 Jan 2010 · 0.03 MB · A rash of fires on planes has spurred the government to plan new restrictions on how airline passengers may carry lithium batteries used to power laptop computers and cellphones.
Author(s): Peter Eisler and Alan Levin

Topic: Dangerous Goods | Source: FSInfo | Contributor: CF Admin

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